36W LED Grow Light Bulb

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Daylight Grow Light: SANSI 36W Daylight Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights are the most powerful grow light bulbs available. We encourage you to compare our µmol/s and µmol/J vs. any light bulb designed for growing plants. Our Ceramic LED Independent Pixel Heat Sink design allows us to increase our photon density (PPF/W) within the bulb. Best of all, the bulb emits a white light ideal for aesthetically pleasing environments.

Easy to Install: Operates like a light bulb with a standard E27 socket with no special lamp-base necessary. Recommended coverage area up to about 4.20 sq. ft. mounted 18”-24” above the plants with varying lighting schedules dependent on the plant(s) being grown.

Full Spectrum: Each Sansi LED chip has an evenly distributed spectrum between 400-800nm. Instead of having multiple LED chips with individual colors (white, blue, red, far-red), each LED chip has a mix of each color giving off a whitish glow.

Ceramic LEDs vs. Aluminum LEDs: Compared with other grow lights (all competitors use aluminum LEDs), ceramic dissipates heat more efficiently than aluminum because it is non-conducive. This allows our LED chips to be mounted directly to ceramic; making each chip-free of fans, housing, adhesive, and PC boards. Ceramic modules have fewer parts than conventional LEDs, and therefore conduct less heat and generate more savings.

What You Get: 2-year unlimited warranty; 30 days no question asked return policy; 24/7 friendly customer support.

Number of Lights 1
Wattage 36W
Voltage 220V
Replacement Wattage 200W
Beam Angle 60°
Luminous Flux 2680LM
Color Temperature 4400K
Color Rendering Index 95
Waterproof Rating IP20
Estimated Energy Cost  
Lifespan 25,000hrs
Special Features Full Spectrum
Included Components  
Batteries Included?  
Installation Method  
Switch Style  
PPFD 193.88μmol/s/m²
Color White
Base E27
Material Ceramic, plastic
Weight 490g
Height 16.9cm
Length 13.1cm
Width 13.1cm
Warranty 2 Years


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36W LED Grow Light Bulb
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